July 8, 2011

Leftwing of the Far Right Pandering: Befuddled Palinite Tries to Pinkwash Sarah Palin With OCIHACOSP. LOL!


This post is one in a series on political pandering.

Just when you thought the mindless meme of a Palin-Bachmann catfight was so last month, Michele Bachmann's recent signing of the litmus test proffered by Christian sharia group THE FAMiLY LEADER, has provided another jump-off point for Bachmann-Palin comparison. Rick Santorum also signed it, but you will not hear much about that, since it doesn't generate eyeball counts.

Des Moines Register:
It notes, as the first piece of evidence toward its thesis that "the Institution of Marriage in America is in great crisis," that "Slavery had a disastrous impact on African-American families, yet sadly a child born into slavery in 1860 was more likely to be raised by his mother and father in a two-parent household than was an African-American baby born after the election of the USA's first African-American President."

Signers agree to support making divorce more difficult and reject "Sharia Islam and all other anti-woman, anti-human rights forms of totalitarian control." And they agree to call for "humane protection of women and the innocent fruit of conjugal intimacy — our next generation of American children — from human trafficking, sexual slavery, seduction into promiscuity, and all forms of pornography and prostitution, infanticide, abortion and other types of coercion or stolen innocence."


Meanwhile, this link to a blog by M. Sheppard kept showing up in my referrers today: Gays Commence Bachman Destruction-Palin's Advantage Is Their Love.

The threat of Bachman winning the nomination has been recognized by the Beltway insiders, who have commenced their hatchet jobs "The rise and fall of Michele Bachman" already. This would be a drop in the bucket compared to the unleashing of the full fury of a community which felt threatened. A Bachman nomination could, without a doubt, result in an election defeat worse than Mondale's as the Obama team would not, as the courtly Reagan did, to not unduly humiliate Mondale by him losing all 50 states, refuse to campaign in Minnesota.

On the other hand Sarah Palin is seen as a moderate on social issues by many in the Gay and Lesbian community, including some high profile media personalities. Hillbuzz, a significant Gay voice is hugely supportive of Palin, as is Tammy Bruce and, eccentrically and perhaps for libidinal reasons so is this gay site "Oh Crap I Have a Crush On Sarah Palin". It would be difficult for the leftist Gay sites to attack Palin as homophobic, when everything she has done in public life (and private) points to the other direction.

E for effort; F for the Private School Vouchers Grad analysis.

I really love it when white social conservatives purport to appoint pre-approved minority leaders for us, such as Herman Cain, Alveda King, Tammy Bruce, and cetera. It's even funnier watching the response when their choices are invariably rejected, and sent packing.

In fact, I would say "the leftist Gay sites" generally don't care one whit about what race-baiting conservogays like Hillbuzz and Dummy Bruce have to say about anything, let alone their unyielding love for Sarah Palin and her ridiculous, eyeroll-generating policies. In fact, I'm probably the only one who pays them any attention.

With this latest litmus-testing stunt, THE FAMiLY LEADER reveals the converging points of the far right's slavery-nostalgic, anti-Black pathologies. Though, somewhat predictably, the single-issue name brand gay sites today seemed utterly oblivious to the slavery-bait in the pledge (which can be downloaded at Think Progress.

(And although he showed up to their latest Presidential Lecture Series, no word yet on whether the only Sharia-baiting, gay-hiring, self-identified emancipated slave in the race thinks about this comparison of today's Black families to a whitewashed, agenda-laden, pandering caricature of the slave household. I'm guessing, probably not.)

Black-interest sites like Jack and Jill Politics chimed in with stuff like this:

Given that families were broken up regularly for sales during slavery and that rape by masters was pretty common, this could not be more offensive. I mean, putting aside the statistics on this, which are likely off-base, I could not be more angry. When will Republicans inquire with actual Black people whether or not we’re ok with invoking slavery to score cheap political points? It has to stop. It is the opposite of persuasive and is another reason Republicans repel us. It’s hard to believe that Michele Bachmann would be foolish enough to sigh this pledge.

But proving Bachmann may be crazier and more hardcore than Sarah Palin, she has.

What do you think? Will this torpedo her primary bid or propel her forward with the GOP base?

Those have got to be rhetorical questions. The answers would be: NEVER, and NO. Why bother asking.

Sheppard, on the other hand, indulges a delusional fantasy that the extremism of the Bachmann candidacy is really acting as a red herring to promote a more electable Governor Guess-Who as the more desirable Christian conservative. Since she's so popular with and loved by eccentric queers such as yours truly. Read/weep:

The media, at least some anyway, had a residual shred of decency, and Washington Beltway insiders Douglas Kahn and Eleanor Clift "Bachman's Rise And Fall" couldn't stomach the charade and ran a column, which is quite prescient in retrospect (although it would be hard not to have come to their conclusion give Bachman's record).
but the Gay community sounded the real mass alarm, followed very quickly by a wider commentariat-including Rachel Maddow who has a foot in both camps, and who confirms the tenor of my previous post that the Gay community will show Bachman no mercy, and have influence out of all proportion to their numbers.

This leaves Palin, who is adored by many in the Gay community, once again showing her brilliant strategic qualities, as she has let each new bright shiny object rise and self-destruct whilst finalizing her decision to run or not.

If she does she can only look better for Bachman having self-destructed, and will appear in an even better light to the Gay community. Further, whilst her support from those quarters will be even more firm, the possible antagonism by the liberal Gay element will be blunted by the comparison with Bachman, whom a cynic might think is deliberately making Palin, whom she secretly wants to win, look good in contrast.

I would suggest Sheppard read what Tea Party Express's Pwn(ed) Professional Black said about this conundrum of inelectability.

I hate to keep sounding like a broken record on this topic, but I must ask. Is Michele Bachmann the NEXT Sarah Palin? Several patriots have said, “I adore Sarah Palin. But, she has been so destroyed in the media, she would be a disaster as our republican presidential candidate”.

Well to all of you who subscribe to this opinion, have you seen the shock and awe campaign launched by the liberal media to destroy Bachmann, since officially throwing her hat into the presidential ring a few days ago?

If Bachmann becomes our nominee, suddenly the liberal media will portray Sarah Palin as the far more reasonable candidate rather than the ultra-conservative idiot nut case, Michele Bachmann.

Should we kick Bachmann to the curb adding her with Palin on the list of unelectable candidates on our side; considered too toxic, too tea party and too conservative to win?

Talking loud with nothing to say, Lloyd Marcus concludes, "Patriots, let's go for the gold and select an unapologetic conservative who will speak to ALL Americans without pandering to any group."

And that would be whom, Lloyd? Just as Palin's followers and defenders whimper about "sexism", both Marcus and Herman Cain talk incessantly about race. They should revel in their quota slots as martyrs of Black liberals, while they still can.

White social conservatives rather legendarily resent and hate nonwhites who talk about race -- in ANY context, with a special rage reserved for we Black nonwhites. The leftwing of the far right types will temporarily allow it from the few Black people trying to impress them, in this Age of Obama. But eventually, they'll get the Condi/Colin/Kicked-to-the-curb treatment when defeating Obama stops being the goal.

And yet, have I not predicted many times over that Breitbart/HotAir tokenists like Sheppard would use Bruce's Sarah-crush and Palin's near-silence on gay issues to do exactly what Sheppard does, above? Yes I did. Oh, yes I did.

OTOH, Sheppard can put down the oxy pipe and read what this author has had to say about Palin's leftwing of the far right politics for the past three years.

Poor Palin diehards. I know they are getting desperate in their zeal for Esther/Deborah/Moses 2.0. But I didn't think any were so desperate to try and hammer and saw this blog into being even remotely pro-Palin politics.