July 12, 2010

Sarah Palin Gets Gay-Baited

Sarah bestowed a couple new endorsements, today, using one as a platform to soapbox about the true real feminism, or something. The other, Karen Handel, is said by her opponent to be a pro-homosexual, ooo.

This morning’s endorsement of Karen Handel by former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin has already ratcheted up the tension level in the Republican race for governor.

A formal response by the campaign of Nathan Deal, the formal congressman, expresses disappointment – and immediately accuses Handel of voting to fund gay “outreach” to “kids.”

It’s disappointing that Sarah Palin has chosen to back the most liberal Republican in this race.

In past races, Karen Handel endorsed taxpayer-funded domestic partner benefits and gay adoption — and she’s been caught lying about it. Just last night, Handel finally admitted she’d written a check to a gay rights group — when previously she said the check was a forgery and she never lived at that address.

The endorsement is getting mixed reviews by the easily-led who populate Mrs. Palin's FB. Let's hope her froth-mouthed followers don't turn their legendary pitchforks on her again, like they did over the Fiorina endorsement.

When all else fails, gender-bait, race-bait, gay-bait, sex-bait, liberal-bait.

Don't social conservatives have anything better to do?