June 8, 2010

Sarah Palin's Big B®3@sts

Sarah Palin on the 2008 campaign trail

Nah, don't be writing in that I'm repressed because I said B®3@sts instead of the actual body parts. Lord knows I get enough dumbbells coming in here on Sarah Palin p00rnn searches; who needs more of those dorks? So, "b®3@sts" it is.

This is not the first time OCIHACOSP has written on this topic. Sarah Palin made us consider, even if in a downlow, unacknowledged way, The President's Body, and The President's Breasts. We as in the cultural "we" are still contemplating such things, evidently.

Lol, OCIHACOSP noted yesterday how a bunch of people are all verklempt about Sarah's buxom t-shirt pictures (though in everyone's haste to gawk at the mamm@ries, they're missing the real treat, which is Sarah's hecca gorgeous arms.)

It looks like the scandalized whispers have yet to die down. I think it's funny.

A roundup for Winks and Nods:

Google: " 'Sarah Palin'" 'implants' "

Spike TV For Laughable Males: Sarah Palin Gets Breast Implants by Busty Heart Classy!

Gawker: Did Sarah Palin Get a Boob Job? A Photographic Investigation Forget former Todd Palin employer BP, forget Helen Thomas, forget even that Lady GaGa released a new single today, this is the question on everyone's minds.

Jezebel: Sarah Palin's Possible Breast Implants Prompt Thoughtful Discussion I thought irony meters were passé. Guess not.

Washington Post: Sarah Palin (DD - Alaska)? She only wishes she could see Sarah's spectacular chest from her house.

Wonkette: Did Sarah Palin Buy Herself a Couple of Luxury Items? Probably not, but who's counting? (Apparently, a bunch of people named "Laura".)

Desperately Obsessed Palinluvvaz: Oh Sarah! - Open Thread - Update! Complete with six updates. She had somebody at palingates screaming "Oh Sarah!", indeed. What else is new.

Oh Crap, I'm Badly In Love With Sarah Palin But Can't Admit It: “First Dude” is a Stallion, You Betcha! Malia Litman is way farther-gone than I am, po' baby.

Just a couple more reasons one can't help but like certain things about Sarah Palin.