November 28, 2008

Other Things I Like (But Am Not Supposed To, Oops, Oh Well.)

Tom Cruise - cute body, cute smile, like his movies, even the weird, inane ones like Vanilla Sky

Head cheese


Buffalo stew

Eleanor's body over Cyd's

Can personally relate to the tale of Jakie Rabinowitz/Jack Robin

Eddie Cantor fan (so was Harold Nicholas. Pee Wee Herman has NOTHING on Eddie.)

Not a big Ella fan (utter blasphemy, I know)

Not a big Eartha fan (see above)

Stronger on rock and roll than on jazz (totally heretical, I know)

Nelson and Jeanette (though Ethel Waters having to play second fiddle to her in Cairo totally p'd me off)

I've been known to go to church, once in a blue moon.