October 14, 2008

[Eyeroll] Another Conservative Male Discovers Misogyny [/Eyeroll]

(This Is Why I Tend to Be Dubious About "Kill Him" Reports)

Mark Whittington of Associated Content says,

Commentator Tammy Bruce, who is both a feminist and a conservative, suggests that this kind of thing reveals an undercurrent of misogyny that has existed in the Obama Campaign since the primary fight with Hillary Clinton. Bruce said, "It transcends gender and race. It transcends class. The truth of the matter is, is that one of the most popular t-shirts when Barack Obama was running in the primary season was a t-shirt that said 'bros before hos.'"

O'rly, Tammy.

Never heard of it 'till now. Do tell us all about it.

I say something similar about the "kill him" remark; there are two being reported, now.

It's certainly not that I put it past any of these angry/bitter Palinites that show up in droves to see their magical messiah. But like the "bros before ho's" claim, I want corroboration and proof, because unlike speech on a t-shirt, people who are calling for Obama's death need to be put away, AWAY from normal people, ASAP. By end of business, today.

Hell, these rightwingers drooling for Palin love torture so much, send them to Gitmo where they'll have a grand old time without all that pish-posh of enduring something as tedious and silly as having their rights read to them.

Calling for people's death -- especially that of a presidential candidate -- is not protected speech, anyway, so I don't know who these conservatives think they are kidding, trying to change the topic to bro/ho t-shirts, allegedly all over Obama rallies. Why aren't they all up in arms over the t-shirts at pullinforpalin.com? Oh right, conservative white males with that legendary entrepreneurial spirit run that one, and there's no Black English anywhere on it, so that gets a pass from the Tammy Bruces and Mark Whittingtons.

We can't afford to f' around with ANY of this stuff -- not bros before hos, not illegal, criminal calls for people's DEATH, come on, now. The climate is already a tinderbox, as it is.